Transformational Travel Program for Private and Corporate Clients

Adventure travel at the service of personal and professional change

Realising the need for change in your working or personal life is a very big step forward. The next step is to choose the vehicle for you to achieve your desired change. The Adventure Boutique could well be that vehicle that takes you on your journey. 

The Adventure Boutique’s new transformational program fosters transformation as a lasting change that orients you in a new, improved level of effectiveness. We believe that sustainable change is done when one challenges ones self at a physical, emotional and psychological level. We believe that change occurs through adversity. Transformational travel is our answer to the ever-growing quest for change.

As human beings, we seek adventure and new sensations; we are attracted by risk, we look for physically and psychologically challenging experiences. At The Adventure Boutique, we know a great deal about adventure and exploring the unknown; we befriend the unpredictability of challenges in remote and wild environments. A transformation ensues which goes through all senses: sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. The result is a physical and psychological change, towards a holistic well-being which encompasses health improvement, fitness, shift in perspective, self-reflection and development, leadership acumen and a deeper communion with nature and other cultures.

The Transformational Travel Program takes incentive and team building travels to the next level. The Adventure Boutique’s solution is meant for individuals and companies who wish to strengthen their team’s efficiency, leadership and cohesion. We use our know-how to offer you the opportunity for your own personal and professional development.

What to expect from our transformational travel program:

We take you to the edge of your comfort zone
We work on your physical, psychological and emotional level
We foster connection and collaboration, with each other and with the locals
We celebrate success in achievement
We embrace the moments of failure as a means to alternative solutions
We exercise the balance between control and letting go (humbleness in the face of mystery of life)
We engage the heart: greater compassion and care for oneself and the others
We let you take responsibility and share ownership
We help you build trust
We debrief and provide support during the trip
We let leadership strengthen its course
We encourage connection with the rest of the group.

Transformation is an evolving process. It doesn’t happen in the same way for everybody, as it is dependent on the person’s state of mind, wellness, psychological mindset and will to change. This is why The Adventure Boutique offers bespoke travel programs to its clients. Our expedition leaders and facilitators are trained to take our guests to a transformational journey of their lifetime. We do that by listening our clients’ needs, in order to create an ad hoc program.

How does transformational travel change you?

You take bold actions and test your limits
You take a different look at fear
You learn to be in the moment and to focus
You find a courage to overcome your challenges, be it physical, emotional, or psychological
You embody new behaviours
You become fitter
You see the world from new perspectives
You create changes in your world
You go through self-discovery and growth
You shift your perspective of the others
You find inspiration in helping a local community
You learn wisdom from cultures and places outside your own
You heighten your leadership skills
You sustain the impact of the journey after it ends
You implement your new knowledge at work
Your well-being has a positive effect on the others

Fitness and Wellness

An important factor to enable you to make the most of your transformational process with The Adventure Boutique is to be in good physical fitness. This is why The Treatment Room has joined forces with The Adventure Boutique. David Lewis, a British trained Osteopath with 20 years experience in private practice and in elite sport, is available to offer his clinical skills to help you confidently complete your adventure. 

We know a high percentage of us carry chronic injuries, but could it manage the loads placed during an adventure? 

Clients located in the Geneva region of Switzerland can benefit from an appointment to see David. A comprehensive musculoskeletal examination will be performed followed by an appropriate treatment plan and rehabilitation regime if required. If additional clinical tests are required this can be arranged. 

Address those chronic injuries, smooth out those muscle imbalances so you can prepare for the trip of your life in the best form possible.


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